What our clients are saying...

"Hayley is a very able professional Human Resource Manager who provides clear and good support for re-structuring and operational management. She was a brilliant colleague to work with and always delivered high quality work."
Louise Kiely
Associate Director of Facilities, Birmingham
"I worked very closely with Hayley during her two years as a HR business partner at BCH, She and I were on different sides of the managerial landscape. She was HR and I was staff-side however this did not hamper our working relationship when it came to service reconfiguration and the re writing of Hospital policies. I have found Hayley to be honest and diligent in her dealing with staff. She is a people person and is very empathetic when there is a human dynamic to be dealt with. She shows great tact and sensitivity when dealing with issues that directly impact on workers' lives. It was a privilege to work with her at BCH".
David Rist
Staff Side Chairman and Phlebotomy Manager, Birmingham

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